Welcome to brand new Sven Co-op Manor website!

It's been a while, but here we go: brand new Entity Guide available here!

Since Google decided to drop support for Classic Google Sites, the original Sven Co-op Manor and all others google sites have been removed. I created new website where I have full control, more possibilities and no more headache with Google support.

Entity Guide is now using my custom program that parses Sven Co-op GFD and generates data for each entity. After that, it binds my documentation to each of entity data and creates entity guide webpages automatically. This allowed me to keep entities description consistent, improved time of editing and adding new entities, and it will surely speed up future updates a lot. It also allowed me to add some cool features.

And here is a list of changes:

  • documentation was not simply copied from older website but reviewed, fixed and improved when needed
  • keyvalues descriptions are much more consistent, the structure of documentation is solid, much more keyvalues are documented
  • "target" keyvalue is documented for each entity separately, telling when the target is triggered and by which use-type
  • "targetname" keyvalue is also documented for each entity separately, telling what happens when entity is triggered, or if entity cannot be kill-targeted
  • choice-type keyvalues are put into dropdown lists where you can see each option, cryptic ones are now documented
  • audio in keyvalues that have sound choice (like moving sounds in func_door) can now be easily played from within this keyvalue description
  • every keyvalue have now proper "raw" keyvalue name, hovering over it displays its variable type
  • updating entity guide would be so much quicker, any edit for shared keyvalues are now automatically reflected in every entity

Despite a lot of efforts, the website is still in progress and there are still things to be re-added from old Sven Co-op Manor including tutorials, cheat codes, list of skyboxes and others. I'll do my best to add them in a free time. Of course, I'm still open for suggestions on how to improve Sven Co-op Manor, you still can report any issues you find. Sorry if I didn't respond lately, had tough time finding free time.

Sven Co-op Manor has risen from the ashes, so get to work! Happy mapping!