Sven Co-op Manor - extensive entity guide and tutorials.

This site is created with great help of community. Thanks to Silencer - member of the SC team who created original early version of entity guide, Trempler- member of the SC team who helped me a lot with building entity guide, Outerbeast- for making a lot of effort finding all these errors and typos in documentation. Also all thanks to community for helping, expanding and keeping Sven Co-op Manor alive!

As for support, I'd like to encourage you to donate to Sven Co-op Manor. Unfortunately, after the removal of Classic Google Sites, I was forced to buy my own hosting service. The good side of this is that Entity Guide was completely overhauled, I have more control over website look and content, and I'm happy that I can bring you documentation, tutorials and help you in creating worlds for Sven Co-op and other GoldSrc games.

You can also contribute by improving entity guide using GitHub repository: SCManorDocs

Feel free to contact me whenever you have some questions, suggestions or found any problems with SCManor:

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