Material Sounds



You can specify materials on your own textures using one of the following 12-character-prefixes inside custom materials file:

  • VENTTEXTURE_ (Resilient metal/brass sounds)
  • DIRTTEXTURE_ (Dry dirt/sand/gravel sounds)
  • GRATETEXTURE (Reverbing metal grate sounds)
  • METALTEXTURE (Solid metal/steel sounds)
  • SLOSHTEXTURE (Mud sounds)
  • TILETEXTURE_ (Squeeky plastic tile sounds)
  • WOODTEXTURE_ (Wooden planks sounds)
  • COMPTEXTURE_ (Fragile metal/plastic/electronics sounds (hits only))
  • GLASSTEXTURE (Glass sounds (hits only))
  • FLESHTEXTURE (Flesh sounds; sort of like trampling through a muddy puddle)
  • SNOWTEXTURE_ (Sound of crunching snow when walking over)

Custom materials file can be selected in map properties.