When triggered, this creates a large portal funnel particle effect of green particles being sucked into one point as can be seen in Half-Life's single player mode in the Black Mesa experiment accident scene. This creates many temporary entities and the entity is removed after use. The particles will appear in a large area above the env_funnel and be sucked into it. You can adjust the effect's rotation by changing the env_funnel's angles. This effect is purely visual.


OnDestroy Function ondestroyfn : Name of the function to use from already parsed .as script files when entity is destroyed (killed) in any way. If the function belongs to namespace, you must use prefix with the namespace name (e.g. mynamespace::MyFunction) for the keyvalue.

Name targetname : Set name of env_funnel so other entities can trigger it to create funnel effect. Every trigger use-type works uniformly. Triggering fade that is in progress restarts fade. Can be kill-targeted but funnel will emmit it's end.

Custom sprite sprite : Allows you to set a custom sprite.


  • 1 : Reverse : If set, instead of particles appearing to be sucked into one point, they will be blown out of this point, like particle-explosion.

  • 2 : Reusable : If set, the env_funnel can be triggered multiple times.