The env_xenmaker allows to spawn monsters with teleportation and beam effects. It can be set to act as a spawn-effect-data-template for squadmakers, in case you want to pair this spawn-effect with the customizability-features of the squadmaker entity.


OnDestroy Function ondestroyfn : Name of the function to use from already parsed .as script files when entity is destroyed (killed) in any way. If the function belongs to namespace, you must use prefix with the namespace name (e.g. mynamespace::MyFunction) for the keyvalue.

Name targetname : Set name of env_xenmaker so other entities can trigger it to spawn monster (if place available). Every trigger use-type works uniformly. Can be kill-targeted. Monster in queue (those who couldn't spawn because there was no room for them) won't spawn.

Target target : Name of entity to trigger (fire). Which function relates to it depends on the respective entity. Most will just trigger their target, while others will perform actions on their target or use it as a reference for other activities. Often, multiple entities by the same name may be targeted. Most entities need no target, but having one is essential for most logic entities and basic trigger-systems.

Pitch Yaw Roll (X Y Z) angles : Where Z means Y and Y means Z, that is, when you're thinking Hammer-grid. (Hammer uses Z for height and Y for depth, while every other sane 3D-application does this the other way round; nonetheless this keyvalue description has the letters in the conventional order) This, technically, is a 3D-vector containing Euler-angles to describe either the entity's rotation or direction of effect. E.g. a func_door_rotating will use this as its initial rotation, while a trigger_push will keep its original alignment and use this for the direction of its push-effect instead. Euler-angles are a hierarchical system to determine an object's orientation in 3D-space. A yaw-value of 0 would mean the entity would face east. (right in top-down view) 90 would mean it would face north. (up in top-down-view) After yaw, pitch is applied. Think aiming up/down with your character in first person. At last, the roll-value is applied. Think your character falling over sideways in first person. Some entities, mostly point entities, do not use the angles keyvalue for any purpose.

Monster Type monstertype : Entity classname of the monster type to spawn here. This must be set even if 'No Spawn' flag is set otherwise it will crash the game with "Spawned a NULL entity!" error message.

Beam Radius (max) m_flBeamRadius : Maximum beam strike radius.

Beam Alpha m_iBeamAlpha : Alpha of the beam. 255 for full opaque beam.

Beam Count m_iBeamCount : Number of single beam instances.

Beam Color m_vBeamColor : Set the beam's color. Note that, because of bolts being rendered additively, darker colors mean greater transparency.

Light Radius m_flLightRadius : Radius of the light that appears while spawning monster.

Light Color m_vLightColor : Color of the light that appears while spawning monster.

Sprite1 Framerate m_flStartSpriteFramerate : Frame display rate of the first animated sprite.

Sprite1 Scale m_flStartSpriteScale : Scale of the first sprite.

Sprite1 Alpha m_iStartSpriteAlpha : Alpha of the first sprite, 255 for full opaque sprite.

Sprite1 Color m_vStartSpriteColor : First prite Color override.

Sprite2 Framerate m_flEndSpriteFramerate : Frame display rate of the second animated sprite.

Sprite2 Scale m_flEndSpriteScale : Scale of the second sprite.

Sprite2 Alpha m_iEndSpriteAlpha : Alpha of the second sprite, 255 for full opaque sprite.

Sprite2 Color m_vEndSpriteColor : Second sprite Color override.


  • 1 : Try Once : If set, the env_xenmaker will attempt to spawn only once when triggered, instead of waiting till the spawn-zone is unobscured.

  • 2 : No Spawn : If set, nothing will spawn at this env_xenmaker. Use this when you only want the visual and audible effect. You still must specify monster to spawn in 'Monster Type' keyvalue, otherwise it will crash the game.

If no monstertype type is set, the game will crash with a ''Spawned a NULL entity!'' error, even if the ''No Spawn'' flag was set.

Using multiple env_xenmaker at one time sums up emitted sounds, what makes them very loud. It's not really a bug but it's very unpleasant effect.

When using an env_xenmaker as an effect-template for squadmakers, you may have to ensure its position in the entity list to be after its according squadmaker(s) in order to avoid a crash on map-load. To achieve that, follow these steps: Select all env_xenmakers in your map and group them. Perform a copy-paste-special or clone-drag (hold shift), leaving the copy in the exact same position as its original. Hide the copy. Delete the original group. Unhide the copy and ungroup it. Save your map.

Sprites doesn't work.