Originally created by Valve, doesn't work in Sven Co-op, where there is only one team. You can still make teams by using trigger_changevalue and change !activator's "classify" key.


OnDestroy Function ondestroyfn : Name of the function to use from already parsed .as script files when entity is destroyed (killed) in any way. If the function belongs to namespace, you must use prefix with the namespace name (e.g. mynamespace::MyFunction) for the keyvalue.

Name targetname : Set name of game_team_set so other entities can trigger it.

Target target : Name of entity to trigger (fire). Which function relates to it depends on the respective entity. Most will just trigger their target, while others will perform actions on their target or use it as a reference for other activities. Often, multiple entities by the same name may be targeted. Most entities need no target, but having one is essential for most logic entities and basic trigger-systems.

Delay Before Trigger delay : Delay before trigger entity specified in "Target".

Kill Target killtarget : Same as target, except that this supposedly causes the specified entity/entities to be removed from the game. Not all entities which have a target to trigger will also handle killtarget. You may want to use a trigger_relay to make sure it is working.

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