Common Sven Co-op player start position. Can be toggled on and off. It's possible to make players rappelling to ground on spawn. The player spawned is passed as !activator to the target.


OnDestroy Function ondestroyfn : Name of the function to use from already parsed .as script files when entity is destroyed (killed) in any way. If the function belongs to namespace, you must use prefix with the namespace name (e.g. mynamespace::MyFunction) for the keyvalue.

Name targetname : Set name of info_player_deathmatch so other entities can trigger it to enable/disable this spawn point. Depending on trigger use-type: 'On'- enable spawn point, 'Off'- disable spawn point, 'Toggle'- toggle spawn point. Can be kill-targeted.

Target target : Entity to trigger when player is spawned at this point, requires "Trigger on spawn" flag enabled. Trigger use-type is defined in "Trigger State" keyvalue.

Pitch Yaw Roll (X Y Z) angles : Where Z means Y and Y means Z, that is, when you're thinking Hammer-grid. (Hammer uses Z for height and Y for depth, while every other sane 3D-application does this the other way round; nonetheless this keyvalue description has the letters in the conventional order) This, technically, is a 3D-vector containing Euler-angles to describe either the entity's rotation or direction of effect. E.g. a func_door_rotating will use this as its initial rotation, while a trigger_push will keep its original alignment and use this for the direction of its push-effect instead. Euler-angles are a hierarchical system to determine an object's orientation in 3D-space. A yaw-value of 0 would mean the entity would face east. (right in top-down view) 90 would mean it would face north. (up in top-down-view) After yaw, pitch is applied. Think aiming up/down with your character in first person. At last, the roll-value is applied. Think your character falling over sideways in first person. Some entities, mostly point entities, do not use the angles keyvalue for any purpose.

New Player Targetname netname : If set, every player spawning here will get this string as his/her targetname.

Filter Player Targetname message : Targetname required on the player to spawn here, or targetname not allowed to spawn here, if "Invert filter" flag is set.

Master master : Name of the multisource entity that (temporary) disables this info_player_deathmatch. If master is specified the info_player_deathmatch won't spawn anyone here. When multisource entity is triggered/being triggering by all possible inputs, the info_player_deathmatch will be enabled and ready to spawn players here. When multisource lost at least one input signal, the entities becomes disabled again.

Repel Speed frags : Speed, in units per second, with which the player will rappel down, if that is enabled.

Trigger State triggerstate : Set the use-type with which the entity specified in "Target" will be triggered (after someone spawns here).

  • 0 : Off
  • 1 : On
  • 2 : Toggle


  • 2 : Start Off : If set, info_player_deathmatch will be disabled on map load. Players cannot spawn here until the info_player_deathmatch is triggered by another entity targetting it.

  • 4 : Repel Spawn : Player will spawn rappeling down using a rope (like rappeling soldiers) until arriving at the ground.

  • 8 : Filter player targetname : If set, only players having their targetname match the "Filter player targetname" can spawn here.

  • 16 : Invert Filter : If set along with "Filter player targetname", only players having a different targetname than set by "Filter player targetname" can spawn here.

  • 32 : Trigger on spawn : If set, the info_player_deathmatch will trigger its target whenever a player respawns at its position. The player spawned is passed as !activator to the target.

  • 2048 : Not in Deathmatch : Obsolete in Sven Co-op. Makes the entity don't appear in Multiplayer Games.

When there is no active or not obstructed spawnpoints, the players are forced to wait until at least one of the spawnpoints become available again- the message will be displayed: "No respawn points available. Please wait...".

Remember that even when you disabled all info_player_deathmatch entities, the info_player_dm2, then if no info_player_dm2, info_player_coop and info_player_start entities will be used instead.